Discover the Charm of Chinar Hills : A Unique Green Hilly Location

Buy Row House at
1000 | 1500 | 1800 sq. ft.

Bringing the Modern terraced homes of your dream! With similar built and sizes, these terraced houses also known as row houses, are mostly identical but as the name suggests each house in the block will have its own terrace garden or private patio as a standard feature. People always prefer this design with more privacy as compared to a standard flat thanks to a separate entrance for each house.

We have selected some prime locations in our township with the most suitable size of residential plots for these row houses, which will give you closeness to nature and lush green views with fascinating colors of morning and evening sky. We not only provide modern architecture and professional civil works in this package but also ensure proper lighting and ventilation to ensure healthy living with these unique and sustainable home designs.

Construction process of such row houses Includes:


» Elevation with Material Detail and Color

» Floor Plans

» Underground Water Tank Plan

» Water Supply Plan

» Drainage Plan

» Doors and Window Layout

» Electrical Wiring Plan and Measurement

» Kitchen Layout

» Toilet Layout

» Toilet Fixture Details


» Column Centerline Plan

» Foundation Plan

» Foundation Schedule

» Foundation Plan and Section

» Column Plan

» Plinth Beam Plan

» Roof Beam Plan

» Terrace Roof Beam & Slab Plan

» Staircase RCC Details